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2021 Q4: P/C underwriting profitability forecast from Triple-I/Milliman

In a Triple-I members-only webinar, P/C Underwriting Projections: 2021-2023, Triple-I and Milliman actuaries revealed that the industry will run at an estimated 101 combined ratio for 2021, putting pressure on rates & profitability. See also Triple-I Blog.

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Whether you're hosting a Thanksgiving get-together or greeting the New Year with a few friends, if you're planning to serve alcohol at your home take steps to limit your liquor liability and make sure you have the proper insurance.


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Innovation in Insurance: Disruptive Technology

In the first segment of series on Innovation in Insurance, The Institutes President and CEO Peter Miller and Triple-I CEO Sean Kevelighan discuss how insurance companies are exploring business solutions with new technologies that are rapidly becoming available. View more Innovation videos.

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SWAPS- The simultaneous buying, selling or exchange of one security for another among investors to change maturities in a bond portfolio, for example, or because investment goals have changed.

COLLATERAL SOURCE RULE- Bars the introduction of information that indicates a person has been compensated or reimbursed by a source other than the defendant in civil actions related to negligence or other liability.

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Triple-I Report Finds Insurers Are Managing Economic Volatility

For immediate releaseNew York Press Office: Michael Barry, 917-923-8245, michaelb@iii.org   NEW YORK, Nov. 22, 2021—U.S. Read More

Triple-I: Insurers Play Key Role in Addressing Climate-Related Risks

For immediate releaseNew York Press Office: Michael Barry, 917-923-8245, michaelb@iii.org   NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2021—U.S. Read More

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Triple-I: 2021 Joint Industry Forum
Triple-I's second Joint Industry Forum for 2021 will gather in New York, NY. Register now on the Joint Industry Forum website.
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